Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Portabella Summer Salad

I love mushrooms and this salad is quick and easy for these summer months.  You will need 1 large portabella mushroom cap per salad you plan on making.  I usually use 4 caps for my family.  Slice them pretty thick (like below) because they will shrink a little when they cook and you want them to absorb the sauces.  Slice up one onion keeping the rings.
Melt 1 stick of butter 2 tbs of Balsamic vinegar and 3 tbs of honey into a pan.  Once it is all mixed up  and hot then add the onions and mushrooms.  Cook while mixing until the onions are soft and cooked through.  Place the mushrooms and onions on some spinach leaves and use the juice as your dressing.  I think you will be pleasantly delighted!

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