Sunday, July 10, 2011


And I love it even more that I don't have to put my hands in the meat to squish it all together.  This is an excellent meatloaf recipe because you don't have to add much seasoning to get a lot of it.  The secret is in the type of meat you use.  Ground turkey and Jimmie Dean All Natural Sausage.

I use the entire package of both of these to make my loaf.  You can just plop them right in you KitchenAid bowl along with 1 cup of milk ( I use Almond milk because we don't do dairy in our house either.  I like that I can get the milk unsweetened also), 1 egg, 1 onion or equivalent of dried onion.  Usually your dried onion packaging will tell you the equivalent.  I used dried onions tonight because of the lack of time or laziness to chop my onion.  1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sage (can be omitted and it still tastes great), 1/2 cup katsup.
Now to make it gluten free you use Gluten Free Oatmeal.  I buy Bob's because it is what is easiest to find at my grocery store.  Oatmeal itself is gluten free but is severely cross contaminated in the rolling process so you want to make sure it is labeled as so.  I only used 1 cup tonight and thought the meatloaf turned out a little soft.  I would recommend using at least 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal with this.  It depends on how you like your meatloaf though so experiment with it and see.  
The last ingredient is the worchestershire sauce.  I don't buy my sauce but make a concoction that is similar in recipes.  I know that there is a GF version but I have yet to find one.  I haven't looked to hard though.  If you know of one leave a comment so others can try it.  So instead I use 1/2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 tsp of Balsamic vinegar, 1tbl cane sugar, 1/2 tbl molasses.  The ketsup that was added ealier was also needed to help make this sauce.  I have used this in many recipes that call for worchestershire sauce and have had sucess.
Once everything is in, turn on the KitchenAid!  Pre-heat the oven to 350.  All ingredients will fit into a regular bread pan. 
Bake for 90 minutes.  As I said mine came out a little soft and I thought it needed more oatmeal.  You can kind of see it this picture of the cooked loaf. 
There just seemed to be to much juice in the pan.  The flavoring is absorbed by the oatmeal and this loaf was lacking that.  I don't get to make this very often because my husband refuses to eat meatloaf.  I have to make it when he is gone or I get to buy in dinner out, with out me! 
Good when served with steamed yams!

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