Monday, July 25, 2011

Dinner Rolls take #2

So I once agian tried some dinner rolls from a box.   This time they tasted great but kids were mistaking them as cookies because they were so flat.  Needless to say not a winner!
  I love the box mix because it makes great bread so you can always impress people with this partially homemade bread using this Gluten Free Pantry mix.  I used the French Bread mix.
I followed the directions on the box adding a little extra honey because I like my dinner rolls sweet.  Maybe someday I will be a good enough gluten free baker that I can give you a gluten free version of my favorite pre-gluten free life rolls. (the Hawaiian sweet rolls...I know you know them too...)  Maybe someday

Well, I mixed it...
I rolled it...
(using lots of olive oil so ball look smooth when placed on the pan)
I put it in the oven for you and me
(at 350 for 20 min)
They are flat and taste good but not the look we want for dinner rolls.  We shall try again

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