Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 4 groceries

Week 4 and going strong.  This week there were some sales at Sprouts that I couldn't pass up so I stalked up!  I bought extra boneless skinless chicken thighs and extra ground beef.  The meal plan for this week is as follows:

Stuffed Cabbage
Avocado and Tomato Cauliflower tortilla wraps (grain free)
Chicken with Mango Cherry Salsa
Stuffed Peppers
Baked Yams and grilled chicken thighs
Spinach Meatballs with Mashed Cauliflower

The item I already had on hand from the previous weeks shopping was a head of cabbage, onions, and tomatoes from my garden.

Sprouts Groceries:  $137.60

2 Half Gallon Almond Milk
12 Coconut Yogurts
1 lb Salami
1 lb Turkey Breast
1 bag Bobs Almond Flour ( to have on hand)
2 bags Bobs Coconut Flour ( also to have on hand for Sunday Pancakes!)
5.5 lbs of Lean Ground Beef (4 packages)
9.7 Lbs of Boneless skinless chicken thighs (3 packages)
1 Bunch spinach
2 lbs Cherries
5 Green Bell Peppers
5 Hass Avocados
6 Kiwi's
Green Onions
5 Lbs Organic Carrots
3 Organic Cauliflower
2.7 Lbs (6 ) Organic Pears
2.67 Lbs (7) Organic Apples
10 Sweet Potatoes 
3.5 Bananas
6 Yellow Mangos

Heb Groceries:  61.30
5 Dozen free roaming eggs
3 Sunwell Mixed Veggie Chips
A couple dried pineapple rings ( to keep the kids occupied while shopping)
2 boxes of HEB Fruit twists
2 Boxes of Larabars
2 Premade salads for my husband to take to work ( don't ask, I would make them myself but...)
7 Almond Dream Yogurts

With this much food I plan on having plenty of left overs and not a big shopping bill next week.  I won't have to buy meat for a while also.   My total for the week was 198.90.  About $25 of that was extra meat that was bought on sale and used later in the month. 

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