Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 2 budget experiment and "How's it going"

So week one went great.  We didn't run out of food and had plenty of leftovers that my husband ate for work instead of buying seperate lunches!   Yaa for week one.  Now to be honest if I hadn't gotten sick we might not of had quite as much left overs but it was still plenty.  This week I spent exactly 35.90 on food I don't usually buy and didn't need.  I bought 2 packages of organic hot dogs ( I know what your thinking..I thought this was healthy eating) and  2 boxes of GF Chex cereal that I am taking camping for the kids.  My husband and I will be having tin foil dinners with yams and ground meat.  I also bought a large package of paper towles, hair gel and myself a treat because I didn't have any children with me while grocery shopping.That permits a treat of dark chocolate raisins.

 So my total bill for this week was $221.06.  Minus the $35.90 brings us to a weekly total of  $185.16.  A little bit more then last week but I am trying to buy organic everything while on this budget of $40 per person per week.

Here is the break down:

Sprouts  $70.57
Dark Chocolate raisins
19 Almond Yogurts
Organic canned tomatoes
2 Organic black beans
2 Organic pasta Sauce
Organic Salsa
1 lbs brussel sprouts
1.4 lb Cabbage
9 Organic Avocados
6 Limes
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce
2.35 lbs Organic Pears
3.23lbs Organic apples
Organic Grapes
Sweet Potatoes
Yellow Bananas

HEB $150.49
Paper towels
Gladware Tupperware
Wild caught Salmon
6 Quarts Almond
Maple syrup
Pamela GF Pancake mix
2 Sunwell Veggie chips
L.A. Hair gel
Organic canned coconut milk
1 box of 100 calorie bags of sunwell mixed veggie chips
Organic applesauce
6 dozen Farmhouse roaming eggs
Organic Vegetable Broth
Unsalted organic butter
2 Larabar box of 6
2 boxes of Chex cereal
Organic Bacon
1lb of Deli Turkey
1lb of salome
2 packages of organic hot dogs
Boneless ribs

The meal plan for this week :

 Salmon and roasted brussel sprouts
Hot dogs, chips, tin foil dinners (camping)
Taco Soup
Coconut lime ribs with baked sweet potatoes
Thai Turkey cabbage wraps with carrots
Two nights of Left overs ( yes we had that much)

Stay tuned for  more recipes!

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